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Population Registry (PR)

The population register is customized solution. It is one of the basic components of the modern e-government of the Czech Republic. It is among the so-called basic registers. ICZ is a supplier of the population register, and it also provides support and ensures that the system develops according to requirements.

City districts of Prague

The ICZ DESA system has been implemented in several Prague city districts as the target system for storing digitalized documents of a building archive which contains the entire building documentation for the real estate in the territory of the city districts.

Electronic File Service “ICZ e-spis” for the Czech Social Security Administration

The services provided included the delivery and implementation of the Electronic File Service and electronically controlled document management.

Electronic system of reserved parking

With the aim of enabling citizens to communicate with the authority via the Internet and to file applications without the need for direct contact with the office, the iPoint form solution was implemented at the office of the Ružinov urban district.

Increasing safety in mine-clearance in the Brcko District

The goal of the project for the mine-clearance team was to modernize the technological infrastructures, to decrease risks and to increase safety during mine-clearance works in the field.

Increasing the efficiency of service management for the Public Enterprise Komunalno Brčko

The aim of the project was to implement a state-of-the-art solution for increasing the efficiency of the management and performance of the maintenance and troubleshooting services for the local electricity and water distribution network.

Electronic document circulation

The solution secures the filing of paper documents, their subsequent digitalization, and the circulation of the document in a paperless form.

The electronic services of the Industrial Property Office

The electronic services of the Industrial Property Office make the complete communication between the office and the end recipients of the service accessible in the form of fully-fledged electronic communication.

Supply of hardware equipment

ICZ Slovakia supplied hardware equipment to all workplaces of the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in the Slovak Republic within the project of ICT modernisation.

Administration of the Emission Allowances Registry

Since 2013, ICZ Slovakia has been contractually bound to the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic to carry out the role of the National Administrator of the Union Registry.
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