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First Czech ZABBIX Monitoring ONLINE MEETUP

Under the auspices of CoreIT, the first ever Czech ZABBIX ONLINE MEETUP will take place on October 15, 2020 from 10:00 am. The whole event will be presented by organizer’s representative Tomáš Heřmánek, CTO of the company CoreIT. You can also look forward to...

New tailor-made solution for VIG Re Zajišťovna, a.s.

At the beginning of August, pilot operation of new information system IBAS Business Partner and Meeting Minutes was launched at VIG Re Zajišťovna, a.s.. This system was developed to suit the customer on the ARDP platform and was put into routine operation from the...

Successful implementation of ICZ Kronos system for SSI Schäfer

SSI Schäfer is the world’s leading provider of products for modular warehousing and logistics. At the end of the second quarter of this year, the “Private” Department of ICZ Group handed over a new version of the ICZ KRONOS application to this...

First IPMA Certification in the Czech Republic according to new model

In the period between 17th and 26th of June 2020, a course for project managers took place under the leadership of Jiří Krátký from PM Consulting, culminating in a certified examination in accordance with IPMA. Since ICZ Group certified 13 project managers across all...

About ICZ Group

The ICZ Group is an important IT provider and system integrator – it offers a wide range of services reaching from consultancy, through the supply of information systems, to the complete acceptance of networks under its administration. The supply of the ICZ Group covers the areas of application software, safety, and infrastructures, mainly for the sectors of public administration, healthcare, defence, transportation, finances, production, logistics, and telecommunications. Besides the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, the ICZ Group also operates in other countries.

The ICZ Group operates under the umbrella of ICZ N.V., which has its registered office at 403 Strawinskylaan Street, Unit 2 WTC, Tower A, 4th floor, 1077XX Amsterdam,
the Netherlands; RSIN 818538636, VAT No. 34284333, Establishment No. 000013747800


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Czech Social Security Administration

The services provided included the delivery and implementation of the Electronic File Service and electronically controlled document management, integration into the existing environment, including integration into the client’s own IDM and other external AIS, and providing technical support and long-term important development.