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ICZ Slovakia in the EMPATTICS Europe-wide tender

With the objective to bring an innovative solution for patients with chronic diseases to market, ICZ Slovakia has participated in the EMPATTICS Europe-wide tender. Companies or consortia from around the world could apply for participation in the tender. From more than...

Blood donation

The ICZ Group has been involved in charity for some time. Both as a large corporation through projects such as charity auctions or the sponsoring of charity events, and as a group of people trying to be beneficial. One of these activities most recently has been...

Defence and Security Equipment International DSEI 2017

Representatives of Delinfa attended the 10th International IDEX 2017 Defence and Security Equipment International Fair which took place in London on 12-15 September 2017. DSEI is one of the most prestigious events of its kind in Europe and worldwide. This year, more...

About ICZ Group

The ICZ Group is an important IT provider and system integrator – it offers a wide range of services reaching from consultancy, through the supply of information systems, to the complete acceptance of networks under its administration. The supply of the ICZ Group covers the areas of application software, safety, and infrastructures, mainly for the sectors of public administration, healthcare, defence, transportation, finances, production, logistics, and telecommunications. Besides the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, the ICZ Group also operates in other countries.

The ICZ Group operates under the umbrella of ICZ N.V., which has its registered office at 403 Strawinskylaan Street, Unit 2 WTC, Tower A, 4th floor, 1077XX Amsterdam,
the Netherlands; RSIN 818538636, VAT No. 34284333, Establishment No. 000013747800


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City districts of Prague
The ICZ DESA system has been implemented in the Prague 8, Prague 13, Prague 17, and Prague 21 city districts as the target system for storing digitalized documents of a building archive which contains the entire building documentation for the real estate in the territory of the city districts. All the documentation has been digitalized and stored in the ICZ DESA system. Through the declassification feature, it is currently available in electronic form to authorized persons requesting access or a copy of selected