Air Defense Conference at the University of Defense in Brno

Under the auspices of the Commander of the Air Force of the Czech Army Major General Ing. Petr ČEPELKA is organizing the International Air Defense Conference on April 24-25, 2024.

 The content of this year’s conference will focus on the topic of layered air defense as the key to effective defense against current and future war threats. This is already the 24th year of the traditional event of the Air Defense Department of the University of Defense Brno, in which representatives of company ALES will traditionally participate.

The current armed conflict in Eastern Europe confirms in practice that layered air defense is a key issue of defense against current and future threats on a possible European battlefield. That is why this traditional event of the AČR organized within the framework of NATO has its irreplaceable importance. For our company, which participates in the modernization of project IS SECTOR VS for the Czech Army, participation in this event will undoubtedly be of great benefit.