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A customized solution based on the customer’s requirements

A system according to your requirements

Aim / purpose of the solution, who it is good for

The many varied fields of business correspondingly require many varied approaches. If the client’s business lies outside typical SW solutions, it is possible to opt for a non-traditional procedure and to build a special system. This means that the organization gains an irreplaceable, efficient, safe, and reliable assistant and, last but not least, a competitive advantage. ICZ is ready to support its clients in this process and, in cooperation with them, to develop a system to meet the defined requirements and goals as much as possible.

Features, characteristics, and funcionality of the solution

ICZ has implemented large public administration systems integrated into many other systems with thousands of users. The availability, reliability, and security of these services are guaranteed, and the number of transactions exceeds 200 million per year. As a result, ICZ has become a renowned expert in a range of technologies, and can apply them in such a way that they support the needs of their clients. The company uses tried-and-tested tools and methodical frameworks for their development; it also uses them, for example, in process modelling, in managing information system architectures, and in both project and process management.

Additional information, summary

ICZ is a company with a long history and experienced experts who have successfully implemented a number of challenging ICT projects. Based on deep analysis of the processes, needs, and goals of the client, and using visual modelling of business processes, data and application logic, and infrastructure, they define how the system should be arranged and design optimal technologies, ranging from platforms and frameworks, servers, databases, and other software, through to suitable hardware. They document it all, create a prototype, and start the implementation after the client accepts it.


Central Register of Entrepreneurs – Trade Register Information System

The Trade Register Information System was established as a pilot project of the former Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic in methodological cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The project builds on the results of the Regional Data Network project in Třebíč. The Trade Register Information System creates … Continued
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