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Certified Information Systems

Today, there are large computer networks where there used to be only single computers. Formerly completely closed off, today they are securely interconnected. These are today’s state-of the-art certified systems intended for processing confidential information.


The time when a single PC with a removable hard disc stored in a safe was enough to process confidential information is gone forever. Today’s user requires relevant applications, sufficient user comfort, the possibility to work in a team and, last but not least, a permanently and effectively available information system per se.

Today, a security architect who designs information systems for confidential information processing must therefore take account of requirements for security as well as of users as early as in the proposal for the system architecture. On the one hand, there are strict security requirements arising from valid legislation and the evaluator, while on the other, there are users who require sufficient efficiency and performance. To satisfy these requirements, the architect must have extensive knowledge of both security and information technologies as well as appropriate available certified cryptographic and security means.

S.ICZ a.s. employs experienced security architects who participated in the development of currently the largest certified information systems in the Czech Republic. At the same time, S.ICZ a.s. develops and produces certified cryptographic systems that, for instance, enable placing a workstation in a user’s office without any restrictions concerning the availability of a physically protected communication infrastructure.


S.ICZ a.s. designs, implements and supports certified information systems intended for processing confidential information with the following basic parameters:

Based on the level of confidentiality of the processed information:

Based on the information category:
a. CZ
b. EU

Based on the security operational mode:
a. restricted security operational mode
b. top level security operational mode
c. top level security operational mode with formal control of access to the information
d. multi-level security operational mode

Based on the extent:
a. small-scale information systems
b. large-scale information systems of a single organization
c. large-scale information systems across more organizations


S.ICZ a.s. offers the following development services:

a. development of secure applications (applications with security guarantees)
b. development of secure interfaces allowing for external information exchange
c. development of secure system extensions for the OS

List of products


The LANPCS certified national cryptographic tool protects the network communication of workstations intended for processing confidential information.


The PCS1 certified national cryptographic tool ensures the comprehensive protection of confidential information on a workstation intended for processing confidential information up to, and including, the “SECRET” confidentiality level..

CSP-II MicroCzech

This certified cryptographic tool enables the integration of certified cryptography into the Crypto API subsystem intended for the processing of confidential information up to the “CONFIDENTIAL” confidentiality level.


AirGap 02

Two-way information transfer between two information systems with maintained galvanic separation of those systems. AirGap 02 brings the real possibility of information exchange between certified information systems intended for the processing of confidential information and non-certified information systems.

Security separation block (BOB)

designed to ensure data exchange between systems that must be mutually separated at the network layer, for example systems working under the administration of different authorities (which do not trust each other).


Comprehensive services in the design, construction, certification support, and running of certified information systems



Specialized services in the design and implementation of secured applications (guaranteed applications)



Specialized services in the design and implementation of security interfaces for certified information systems