Company ALES will modernize the key operational-tactical command and control system of the Czech Air Force

In July of this year, the company ALES, s.r.o. signed with the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, a contract for the modernization of the SEKTOR information system, a military system used by the 26th Command, Control and Reconnaissance  Regiment of the Czech Army Air Forces and the 53rd Reconnaissance and Electronic Combat Regiment of the Czech Army Land Forces. The aim is to ensure the high availability and reliability of the existing system and prepare it for the integration of advanced, subsequent systems according to the requirements of the Czech Army and NATO.

IS SECTOR VS is a command and control system that is used by the Czech Air Force to:

  • providing of air traffic management services;
  • tactical management of emergency aircraft (regardless of type – management of all types within NATO) and partially also tactical management of Anti-Aircraft Missile Troops (PLVR);
  • processing and fusion of radar information;
  • creation and distribution of the actual air situation display;
  • reconnaissance duties.

The modernization of IS SECTOR VS will bring to the Czech Army a number of new capabilities and functionalities, including built-in, user-defined communication protocols to ensure an alliance connection with a high level of security in real time. ICZ LETVIS, the key product of ALES, will be enhanced with new elements and at the same time will retain essential functionalities from the previous, successful generation of the product (LETVIS).

According to the general director of ALES – Ing. Katarína Galajdová: „The project – Modernization of   SEKTOR VS system for the Air Force of the Czech Republic Army is another significant and important milestone in the long-term cooperation with our strategic, military partner. Our intention is to contribute to the modernization of the Army of the Czech Republic by supplying a modern and reliable information system that will meet international, national and military legislative requirements and ensure the fulfillment of the customer’s operational and tactical requirements.“