World ATM Congress 2019 in Madrid

The 7th World ATM Congress in Madrid brought together more than 9,500 visitors, 250 exhibitors and 135 countries and regions. The most important exposition in the area of ATM (Air Traffic Management) took place on 12-14 March 2019. There, ALES presented its solution again.

The exposition hall at Feria de Madrid in Madrid was packed with experts from all around the world who came for a single purpose – to present the latest products, services and innovations of the future. At the exposition, the hottest topics of the industry – the expansion of airspace capacity, drone traffic control and the acquisition of the right people for ATM – were the centre of attention.

ALES has a stable position in Madrid. We presented the ICZ LETVIS system, which meets the requirements of a safe, modern and user-friendly system. The system can be adjusted to the customer’s individual requirements. We presented a prototype of the Electronic Flight Strip system, which is controlled by a touch pen on a large tablet, and the possibility to log into the application using an ID card. The Special Production and Service Department prepared a new comfortable operator’s desk for the exposition with a worktop height and monitor height that can be individually adjusted, thus allowing work in a standing position. The desk is equipped with touch control of settings, including light intensity, and memory for settings, which is controlled by a contactless access card.  The visitors were also impressed by the anti-collision protection of the console and the possibility of adding a sliding armrest.

“The most important thing about this exposition is our participation in it, i.e. the presentation of the current portfolio in such a forum. We need to be perceived as a high-quality partner that always has something to offer in the ATM market and is stable over the long term. This year in Madrid, we succeeded in reinforcing this perception again. We were able to impress the visitors with our EFS and the new type of console with integrated access to the system and to the workplace. Being confronted with new technologies and requirements for ATM solutions was beneficial for us,” says Sales Department Manager Katarína Galajdová while expressing her thoughts on the exposition.

The guests at the stand included partners from Georgia and representatives of authorities from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates, with whom we assessed our cooperation thus far and sought room for new projects. At the stand, we also focused on new potential partners from Eurocontrol, the Czech Republic, Norway, Macedonia, Turkey, Morocco, Malaysia and others. The ALES team was supported at the exposition by Mr. Miroslav Andr, whose activities and years of experience in the countries of the former USSR are beneficial for the entire ICZ Group.

From the WATMC Madrid exposition, we take away suggestions from visitors who are interested in topics related to expanding airspace capacity, such as free route airspace or sectorisation and the possibility of dynamic switching. Providers are interested in optimizing human resources for air traffic management, as well as integrated workplace technology that can support all applications from a single screen. In the area of training and simulation, the simple and intuitive preparation of exercises is important for trainers. We see the year 2019 as an opportunity to reach the awareness of European navigation service providers who have a modern surveillance data infrastructure and are interested in analytical tools.