Walking with Asistence

On 1 June 2017, a seven-member team of employees from ICZ a.s. represented the company’s name at an event called “Walking with Asistence”. The event was organised by the public benefit society Asistence, a provider of social care for people with physical and combined disabilities. The aim of the event was to show people the world of disabled wheelchair-bound individuals, how they manage everyday tasks with impaired motor functions or vision, or how they perceive life with autism.

For the seven-member team, it meant walking or riding a course of about 4.5 kilometres from Petřín Hill to Vyšehrad. There were four checkpoints along the way, at which the competitors were given tasks and a selected disability. In addition to a wheelchair slalom, they could also try lip-reading, identifying images with impaired vision and a number of other “disciplines”, which are actually the daily bread of people with disabilities. The entire course was covered with a wheelchair, in which all of the team members gradually took turns in the role of assistant and the disabled wheelchair user.

All of the participants agreed that their first ride in a wheelchair was anything but a pleasant experience. Most importantly – trusting in another person, often a stranger, is particularly unpleasant. Although they all ended up enjoying a very pleasant and entertaining afternoon and plenty of fun winding through the crowds of people sunbathing on the riverbank, the race participants’ attitudes towards certain things changed fundamentally. In this regard, it was a very positive experience for everybody and we strongly encourage you to try it with us some time.