Walking with Asistence


Like last year, the ICZ Group participated in the “Walking with Asistence” event organised by Asistence, o. p. s. (www.asistence.org) again this year. During the afternoon of competitions, all of the participants could, for at least a moment, discover what it feels like to be a person with various disabilities, or try the work of an assistant – especially when moving around in a wheelchair.

At four checkpoints distributed along the course between Petřín Hill and Vyšehrad, the contestants got an insider view of the lives of disabled people, both in the form of physical and cognitive activities. Each group was scored based on the quality of performing the individual tasks. Considerably depleted of physical energy, but with all the more experience and perhaps wisdom and respect, the participants all arrived at the destination of the walk near the Old Burgraviate at Vyšehrad in the late afternoon. They were rewarded not only with live music, but also with refreshments. A pleasant finish to the day’s efforts was the announcement of the results, in which the ICZ team took a fantastic silver position among sixteen competing corporate teams.