Try a unique assistant for diagnosis reporting – DRG Assistant

In connection with the planned change in reporting of terminated hospitalizations, we have prepared a solution which will help you prepare for the new payment classification system. DRG Assistant is a unique tool on the Slovak market, based on the correct methodology for diagnosis reporting. It will allow you to simply test into which DRG category the grouper will classify any specific hospitalization case.
Reduce the error rate in reporting and increase your income
When reporting within DRG, the codes of the primary and secondary diagnoses represent an important variable to determine the classification of any hospitalization case in the DRG system.
DRG Assistant offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of diagnoses and their coding. This tool can significantly reduce the error rate in reporting the healthcare provided, and increase the income of the health care facility.
Quick and reliable search
DRG Assistant enables:
•    clearly arranged searches for diagnoses and their codes in the current ICD register (including information and descriptions listed in the ICD),
•    clearly arranged searches in health care services,
•    a simple test of the DRG group in which the grouper will classify a specific hospitalization case,
•    access to information which will be relevant when reporting services within the DRG.
Instant availability and low cost of use
In line with the modern cloud concept, DRG Assistant is offered as a portal solution through a service. This concept ensures reliability, availability, required performance, immediate support, and automatic updates.
DRG Assistant is designed to operate independently, however may be integrated into a hospital information system.
Free trial
Would you like to see how DRG Assistant works? Arrange a presentation of the solution at your location and get free access to the trial version if interested.
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