Successful installation of the ICZ OSIRIS system at the modern warehouse of KOPOS KOLÍN a.s.

KOPOS KOLÍN a.s., a leading Czech manufacturer of electrical laying materials whose production has more than ninety years of tradition, this year added to its premises with a new dispatching warehouse building. This made it possible to improve the quality of internal logistics, increase the level of customer care and achieve storage capacities of more than 4,400 pallets.

For employees at ICZ from the Private Section, the new dispatching warehouse project was a continuation of the successful introduction of the ICZ OSIRIS warehouse management system to internal logistics at KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. and an opportunity to integrate ICZ OSIRIS with other modern logistic technologies.

One of these is the Kardex Shuttle vertical lift module, which is used here for warehousing and picking small parts. This is a system of racks placed one on top of the other and equipment which makes it possible to automatically make the required rack accessible and, using a beam of light, mark the position in which to place the item or from where to remove it. In light of the height of the vertical lift modules, almost 10 metres at KOPOS, it is possible to place a large quantity of stored items within a small area and to make individual items accessible at speed.

“We again saw in this project that we know how to connect the ICZ OSIRIS system to modern logistic technologies. We also showed that our solution knows how to gradually adapt even to relatively fundamental changes in the customer’s logistics system,” said WMS Consultant and Project Manager at the Private Section Josef Černý in evaluating the work in Kolín.