Security breakfast with ICZ

The Infrastructure Section at ICZ a.s. organised an event for clients called Security Breakfast on Thursday 1 August. The event, which took up the whole morning, was held on the premises of the hugely-popular “Kavárna co hledá jméno” café in Prague Smíchov. Representatives of two companies were invited along to demonstrate the best of their products to clients.

First up were employees from Fidelis, presenting their product to those in attendance at the event in a great way – they demonstrated its use in real time in a demo version. Everyone was therefore able to see how simple the product is and the quality with which it is truly able to protect a company from attacks. Second to give a presentation to the audience was Tomáš Barta from Veracomp, who introduced Wombat from Proofpoint. This is mainly used for online employee training, which subsequently leads to minimising the impacts of cybernetic attacks.

“Although this is not the first time we have staged such a morning event, it was the first time we have done so during the summer holidays. Our fears that we would be unable to attract clients at that time of year were fortunately unfounded and we filled the room to the very last space,” said Business Consultant Monika Vichrová in evaluating the event.