New tailor-made solution for VIG Re Zajišťovna, a.s.

At the beginning of August, pilot operation of new information system IBAS Business Partner and Meeting Minutes was launched at VIG Re Zajišťovna, a.s.. This system was developed to suit the customer on the ARDP platform and was put into routine operation from the beginning of the following month, i.e. from September 1, 2020. The reason for implementation was the removal of manual inputs, process digitization, better management of roles and access rights, unification of reporting and consistency of data across systems.

The service contract, which was signed for the next 4 years, thus laid the foundation for a new long-term partnership with another client in the Banking and Insurance segment. Currently there is a also a system called Claims being implemented for VIG Re Zajišťovna, a.s.. It is a solution for registration, approval and reporting of claims agendas, including its integration into other systems (SAP, storage, etc.). Again, this is a tailor-made solution on the already mentioned ARDP platform (Agenda Rapid Development Platform).

More information on the used platform:

The ARDP platform is a general platform for the development of tailor-made agenda systems, not only for the banking and insurance sectors. The agenda system based on the ARDP platform ensures the digitization of the given agenda, removes paperwork, Excel spreadsheets and inconsistent reports. The processes of a given agenda, authorization to data and processes are managed according to roles, data is consistent, management receives uniform reporting and the agenda is integrated into other information systems of the company.

ARDP contains a set of configurable components, such as menu, dashboard, information system navigation, IS data lifecycle management and control, agenda and data authorization management and control, task management, validation rule management, notification generation, user comment sharing and also management of asynchronous processes and integration on external DMS, SAP, ARES registries, RIAD, OFAC, EU-Sanctions, etc.