Jonášův spolek day camp with the support of the ICZ Endowment Fund

The ICZ Endowment Fund this year decided to support the volunteer organisation Jonášův spolek, which now brings together 20 families from the Moravian and Silesian region whose children are affected by different types of disability. The association was founded by parents Silvie Konečná and Marcel Konečný (in the photograph), who care for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, the organisation also includes families that are battling with mental and hearing disabilities. Disabled pupils from the Special-needs Schools in Hlučín are also part of Jonášův spolek.


 “It is extremely demanding for each family to find the money for medication, compensatory and rehabilitation equipment and normal living expenses. This is why we are trying, through donors and philanthropists, to enable our families to meet in a pleasant environment, find some relief from their worries, share their joy and exchange important information,” said founder of the organisation Silvie Konečná in outlining its activities.

ICZ provided Jonášův spolek with the sum of CZK 40,000 through its Endowment Fund. The money was mainly used for a week-long day camp at Jarošův statek, helping cover the costs of assistants for children with a severe form of autism and ensuring free-time activities, refreshments, therapists and instructors. Support was also used to organise a garden party, at which the families were able to try several activities for themselves. Among them were music therapy with the Kubuku organisation, animal therapy with rabbits and guinea pigs from the farm in Studénka and creative workshops.

“The support provided by the ICZ Endowment Fund helped us no end. The atmosphere at the garden party and the day camp was very pleasant. Everyone had lots of fun and was able to take a break from their everyday worries,” said Mrs. Konečná in thanks, adding that Jonášův spolek cooperates with a number of other non-profit organisations in the meaningful, inclusive incorporation of disabled people in society. Its motto is, “Learning and living together is natural”.