Interactive Education of Medics in the form of Online Surgery

ICZ Slovakia successfully and on time completed a supply at the University Hospital Bratislava in a challenging period of the new coronavirus pandemic, even though part of the hospital was designated as COVID red zone. The contract for the supply and installation of audio / video equipment to ensure the signal transmission from the operating theaters to the auditorium, including refurbishment of the auditorium, was signed at the beginning of 2020 by the Academician Ladislav Dérer Hospital.

The implementation of the project also included work at hight (cabling between the floors was routed along the facade of the building) and consisted of two parts:

  • complete reconstruction of the front wall of the auditorium, including the installation of a projection screen, video equipment, sound system and wooden decorative elements,
  • supply and installation of equipment for audio / video transmission of surgeries from the operating rooms of the clinic to the lecture hall and vice versa so that students have an opportunity to follow the surgery online with surgeon’s commentary and the surgeon is able to communicate with the students.

Due to the fact that the quality of the project was met with a positive response from the client, there is a potential to expand the solution to other operating rooms in other departments of the university hospital. The acquired know-how can also be further used and offered to other medical facilities.