ICZ takes part in Walking with Asistence

Another year of the popular “Chodíme s Asistencí” (Walking with Asistence) took place at the end of May, organised by the Asistence o.p.s. organisation. The ICZ Group was this year represented by the Infrastructure Section, which sent along a team of five. And not only did they champion our colours, they had a great afternoon at the event and learned a great deal too.

website: chodimesasistenci.cz
facebook: fb.com/Asistence/

In a break from tradition, the race was this year run in Prague Holešovice. The team was given a wheelchair and had to negotiate its way through Stromovka Park, where all of a sudden there were so many stairs and the potholes were bigger than usual. The participants then tried out what it is like not being able to see, understanding without words and a wheelchair slalom. They also took a quiz about the Metro in Prague and found out that this important means of transport has been thinking more about disabled people down the years.

The finishing line was almost a stone’s throw away as the crow flies – the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art – which was almost within view from the start line. The total track was almost 6 km and ran alongside the River Vltava. Even though the path through Stromovka seemed demanding, it was a walk in the park in comparison with weaving through the streets of a city in a wheelchair. The participants could look forward to a cultural programme at the finishing line, as well as some outstanding food and drink, prepared by Kuchařky bez domova (The Homeless Cooks), and free entry to the new exhibition by Eva Jiřičná and to the dominant feature at DOX – the Gulliver airship.