ICZ Group is trying to help Healthcare Professionals

Current emergency measures of the Government of the Czech Republic directly disrupt personal and, at the same time , work life. If at least a little possible and the situation allows, people and companies should keep doing what they normally do. That is why, as an IT company, we thought about how we could help with what we do best – a SW or HW solution that would make work easier for the currently busiest people (doctors and other healthcare professionals).

Our product portfolio includes, among other, PVD (Diagnosis Reporting Assistant) a software tool, which streamlines the process of reporting the healthcare provided. In the current situation, we have decided to make the PVD  application available free of charge to all healthcare professionals, coders and support workers of all healthcare facilities and insurance companies in the Czech Republic until the end of the emergency situation. The code for COVID 19 (suspicion U69.75, disease U07.1) was added to the PVD application and at the same time the IHIS (Institute of Health Information and Statistics)  instructions for coding this disease were inserted. More information about this product can be found on the ICD coding website.