ICZ Group as a founding member of IHE Czech Republic

IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is the most highly-respected international initiative devoted to sharing data within healthcare in the world. By supporting effective international cooperation in the provision of healthcare, IHE helps in the standardisation of processes and the interoperability of healthcare and hospital information systems. This initiative works in Europe and on other continents in the form of a non-profit organisation and the results of its work have been adapted in countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and Luxembourg. The majority of foreign, national and international eHealth projects are based on the principles formulated by IHE.

The foundation of IHE Czech Republic is the result of several months of effort made by the founding members and a number of negotiations with IHE Europe, with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. One of the objectives of the newly-established organisation is to involve the Czech Republic in the trans-European mechanism of exchanging medical data. The foundation of an active entity in the Czech Republic to support the activities of IHE is a significant step toward pushing through the empirically-tested and functioning ideas of healthcare interoperability, which is now also supported by the European Commission. In a statement, the EC recommended IHE as the first choice means of dealing with national and international tasks in the sphere of eHealth.

It was natural that ICZ a.s., as a leading provider of services for electronic healthcare in the Czech Republic, would become one of the founding members of IHE Czech Republic. The ICZ Group therefore built on many years of trying to implement IHE profiles in its solutions and to educate the professional Czech public on the principles and activities of this initiative.