ICZ e-spis customer day was great success

The DMS Section at ICZ a.s. organised a seminar for customers on Thursday 27 November, primarily focusing on application of the ICZ e-spis® electronic file service system. The event took place in the Vavruška Congress Centre at Palác Charitas, with 6 presentations prepared for customers to reflect the topics most inquired about at present, a presentation of innovations and 2 blocks of discussion. The interesting programme attracted 150 customers, meaning that the hall was filled to the very last place.

In the first part of the seminar, customers were able to see the most important and most eagerly-awaited innovations in the ICZ e-spis® application, as part of real demonstrations prepared for them by IS implementation methodologists Libuška Pišová and Zdeněk Toman. There followed a passage devoted to the procedures, processes and problems involved in carrying out electronic document retention and disposal procedure, presented by Mgr. Marie Procházková from Státní oblastní archiv (State District Archive) in Prague and Jindra Emmerová, IT Consultant at ICZ. In this section, which justifiably appealed to most of those in attendance, the presenters were able to marry a view of theoretical procedures, presentation of the functions of the application and provide information that drew on practical experience of carrying out electronic document retention and disposal. Product Manager Alena Uzlová began the second half of the programme with a presentation on Register of Names and File Services. She was followed by the branch of the DMS Section which is mainly devoted to Traffic Offence Agenda. Implementation Manager Aleš Šantora presented innovations in this area to customers. The closing presentation, on the future of the electronic file service system, was given by Project Manager and Head of the Project Office at ICZ Petr Oplátek.

Throughout the programme, those attending were able to write down and pass on their questions, which individual speakers then dealt with during the blocks of discussion. There really were plenty of questions, meaning that all the time allocated to them was used up and that some questions could not even be answered during the slot, those that asked them instead having to wait for the promised answers in writing. There followed a joint lunch and the official close of the day.

“The ICZ e-spis customer day was held again after 2 years. This event was held at the Conference Centre in Pankrác for many years, but this year we saw a fundamental change in personnel and in the system itself, so we decided to move to different premises. The success of the event as a whole was also shown by the fact that many of the speakers were rewarded with applause.  Customers were also very positive in their assessment of the magnificent hall and the location,” said Business Consultant and main organiser of the event Josef Bureš.