Hradec Králové Region harmonises its hospital information systems thanks to ICZ

(Prague, 4 September 2019) – ICZ a.s. signed a contract with the Hradec Králové Region on the supply of the uniform ICZ AMIS*HD hospital system for healthcare facilities. The contract, with a value of 36 million koruna, was signed by Regional Governor Jiří Štěpán and CEO of ICZ a.s. Bohuslav Cempírek. The software keeps the medical documentation of the patient on record and is a useful assistant in determining his or her treatment. The Hradec Králové Region thus becomes the first region in the Czech Republic with a harmonised hospital solution of this type.

Healthcare workers consider the system, which is a backbone source of information, and without the operation of which the provision of healthcare services would now be unthinkable, to be one that points toward deciding on how to treat a patient. It holds all medical documentation and can be used to send electronic requests for examinations and laboratory results or to process data from technical apparatus.

“The Hradec Králové Region is the first region to have acquired a uniform hospital information system that improves reciprocal communication and the processing and evaluation of data from regional healthcare facilities,” said Deputy Regional Governor for Healthcare Aleš Cabicar, who was also present at the signing of the contract. “It is an important moment for the Hradec Králové region and its hospitals. We were able to bring the lengthy tender to a close after two years. I believe that buying the new software will help in the running of our hospitals, improve the effectiveness of the work done by all our employees and, last but not least, contribute toward an improvement of healthcare services for patients,” said Regional Governor Jiří Štěpán.

What is more, the very latest ICZ AMIS*HD technology for the solution comes with elements of artificial intelligence which monitor the treatment processes and proactively warn healthcare staff of possible errors. The solution also supports rationalisation of the use of resources and in doing so ensures a more effective, smoother and more comfortable treatment procedure for the patient.

“With this contract, ICZ Group, a leading supplier of technology and services for healthcare, scored another sizeable success with its innovative ICZ AMIS*HD solution. By using it, the Hradec Králové Region has taken a massive step toward increasing the safety, effectiveness and availability of healthcare throughout the region,” said CEO of the ICZ Group Bohuslav Cempírek, who took part in signing the contract together with Martin Pokert, a representative of the Healthcare Companies Section at ICZ a.s.

Among the healthcare facilities in the region that are now connected by the ICZ AMIS*HD uniform hospital information system are Oblastní nemocnice Jičín a.s. (District Hospital in Jičín), Oblastní nemocnice Náchod a.s. (District Hospital in Náchod), Oblastní nemocnice Trutnov a.s. (District Hospital in Trutnov) and Městská nemocnice a.s. Dvůr Králové nad Labem (City Hospital in Dvůr Králové nad Labem). The hospitals will therefore join other healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic to have put their faith in the new generation of a system with a range of innovative approaches.