First IPMA Certification in the Czech Republic according to new model

In the period between 17th and 26th of June 2020, a course for project managers took place under the leadership of Jiří Krátký from PM Consulting, culminating in a certified examination in accordance with IPMA. Since ICZ Group certified 13 project managers across all departments, it was given an individual approach and the entire course, including exams, took place at ICZ Headquarters in Prague.

ICZ project managers were actually the first group in the Czech Republic to take part in the new version of the IPMA 4.1 test, which has been in force since March 1, 2020.

At all levels of certification, except level A, a written exam is taken, which focuses mainly on technical competencies (scope, time, finances, risks, quality, etc.) from both the predictive and agile worlds. Levels C, B and A consist a simulation workshop and individual interviews, which are focused on the participants’ experience.

New within the main part of the exam of levels C, B and A is the above mentioned 4.5-hour simulation workshop, which primarily tests behavioral competencies in practice. A group of 3-6 participants is given the task of jointly creating and presenting to company’s top management (evaluators take this role) key project information. From start to finish, it’s about teamwork. Adherence to the time frame is essential, just as the presentation of the result. The simulation workshop thus tests the abilities:

  • communication,
  • cooperation within a team,
  • leadership,
  • conflict solving,
  • facilitating team retrospective.

More information:

So now, the simulation exam is very close to reality itself, which was greatly appreciated by the graduates who successfully passed the exam.