eHealth in the South Moravian Region will speed up healthcare

Patient data available with one click. The South Moravian Region joins other regions in the Czech Republic, which have decided to simplify and mainly speed up the provision of medical data among regional hospitals, the Medical Rescue Service and other healthcare entities.

“The project already works for example in the Vysočina region, and I am very pleased that we have decided to further improve healthcare of the South Moravian Region population. Now it actually takes a few seconds and doctors can find your medical records throughout the region. We will speed up treatment and I believe that patients will appreciate it,” said Milan Vojta, Councilor of the South Moravian Region for Healthcare.

The exchange of medical data also takes place with hospitals in three other regions of the Czech Republic and, in the future, also with border regions. The eHealth project brings patients safe and more precisely targeted healthcare, even during the Medical Rescue Service operations.

The eHealth project provides healthcare professionals with high-quality and quickly accessible data on patients from the entire region and neighbouring regions. The South Moravian Region, as the founder, will not only save on treatment costs due to more accurate data and earlier intervention, but also improve health of the population in the longer term.

“The ICZ Group, a leading supplier of technologies and services for healthcare, has achieved another significant success with the eHealth project in the South Moravian Region. An innovative solution for sharing medical data will enable the South Moravian Region to take a significant step to increase the safety, efficiency and availability of healthcare in the entire region,” said Michal Bušek, Director of the ICZ Healthcare Department.

As the company assures, the data is encrypted and secured against eavesdropping and forgery, and there is detailed monitoring of who is accessing the data and why. At the same time, the data is in full compliance with Czech and European legislation regarding its protection and it remains with the authority of the relevant medical facilities.

Source: Press release of the South Moravian Region