DRG Assistant already in 50 hospitals

An intensive campaign over the past few months has brought positive results, and DRG Assistant from ICZ Slovakia’s workshop is now being used by 51 health care facilities.
Its users even include the three largest hospitals in Slovakia – University Hospital Bratislava, University Hospital Košice, and University Hospital Prešov. Another commercial success is the conclusion of a contract with the largest private owner of hospitals in Slovakia, Svet zdravia a. s.
In addition to this commercial success, we were also pleased to obtain an official certificate of compliance for the Grouper computer programme, awarded to DRG Assistant by the Health Care Surveillance Authority.
DRG Assistant is a tool that improves the efficiency of health care reporting when switching to the DRG system. With this tool, error rates in reporting can be significantly reduced, with a positive effect on efficiency and an economic benefit for health care facilities.