DELINFO collaborates on Smart Quarantine project

In these difficult times, the ability of industry to respond quickly to government requirements is gaining importance. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the government has chosen, among other measures, the tactics of the Smart Quarantine system using appropriate technologies.

Our subsidiary DELINFO, spol. s r.o., has been working in the field of defence longterm and with high quality, therefore it was entrusted with the task of providing the Central Management Team with an overview of the movement of mobile testing teams of the Czech Army and the number, position and time of samples taken.

Another important task was to ensure the ability to exchange information with other Emergency Services units that use the ESRI / ArcGIS environment and the use of maps in offline and online modes. Last but not least, it was a matter of securing communication not only through radio stations, but especially by using the GSM network while maintaining secure data transmission.

Team of DELINFO employees, in cooperation with the Czech Army, fulfilled all those tasks in the required extent and the system is now successfully deployed in the center of the Czech Army Crisis Team in Prague.