DELFINO representatives attend CWIX 2019

This year’s CWIX 2019 was so far the largest event in the area of interoperability at NATO. Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise (CWIX), held at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in the Polish town of Bydgoszcz and was attended by 40 countries.
The aim was to improve the interoperability, resilience and readiness of Alliance and partner forces for coalition cooperation. More than 1,500 specialists carried out around 7,000 interoperability tests during exercise on 300 computer order and monitoring systems. Together with the Czech Army, we focused mainly on the areas of LAND, MIP, GEO and FFT by using our system ICZ DELINFOS®. The main objective was to support users, carry out technical tests of the system, operational tests of the system and validation and verification tests of FMN Spiral 2.
We consider participation at this exercise to have been handled successfully, both from the perspective of the participants and from that of the interoperability of our product.