Blood donation

The ICZ Group has been involved in charity for some time. Both as a large corporation through projects such as charity auctions or the sponsoring of charity events, and as a group of people trying to be beneficial. One of these activities most recently has been collective blood donation.

The initial enthusiasm and high number of candidates was followed by organisational matters and selection of the final number of participants. We first chose those candidates, who are able to participate at the given time, and those who were not abroad in any high-risk areas shortly before the given date, and finally those who had not suffered an intestinal virus and sudden urgent work assignments.

All the participants, first-time donors, were thrilled by the experience, everybody enjoyed it and we were all delighted by the indescribable feeling of having done something good. The Vinohrady hospital (link at will be our “house” hospital from now on. Everybody at the FNKV transfusion station is kind, friendly and above all grateful.