ArtForum/ICZ Benefit Brought In 516 400 Crowns, a Third of the Proceeds were Dedicated to the Treatment of Childhood Visual Impairment

Prague, 2 April 2019 – on Thursday 28 March 2019, Teresian Hall at Břevnov Monastery in Prague was the venue for the twenty-first ICZ Group and ArtForum virtual gallery benefit auction. 30 works of art by important Czech artists and photographers were auctioned, while the total proceeds of CZK 516 400 were dedicated to ICZ Endowment Fund. During the gala evening, one third of the amount, CZK 172 000, was dedicated to Léčebna zrakových vad (Visual Impairment Sanatorium) in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, which focuses on the treatment of childhood amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus. The balance will be divided by ICZ Endowment Fund in 2019 to other entities for charity work and generally beneficial goals.


The aim of the benefit auction was to once again obtain funds to help those in need of healthcare, social care and more. The gala evening included musical performances by the Martinů Quartet string quartet and the drawing of winners from the benefit raffle. The auction was run by President of the Association of Antique Dealers Jan Neumann, while the evening was moderated by Jan Čenský.

The cut-glass sculptures “Pěšci” from the Šachovnice cycle by Vlastislav Janáček were auctioned for the highest sum (CZK 60 000), which was also a new record for exceeding the starting price, with the winning bid being over twenty-three times the original amount of CZK 2 600.

The entire auction proceeds of CZK 516 400 were donated to ICZ Endowment Fund. The first part of the new funds (CZK 172 000) was handed over immediately at the gala evening by ArtForum spiritual father Zdenek Jirkovec through a symbolic cheque to representatives of Léčebna zrakových vad ve Dvoře Králové nad Labem, its director Dagmar Klazarová and head nurse Markéta Vatuňová. “We are very pleased to have received this financial assistance from ICZ Endowment Fund,” said the sanitorium director Dagmar Klazarová, adding, “We will use it primarily to acquire new equipment to treat visual impairment, which is very important with small children, but also to further improve our comprehensive medical, educational and pedagogical care for patients aged between 3 and 15.”

“I would especially like to thank our partners, guests, and all the friends of ICZ Group for enabling us once again to hold this traditional – now already the twenty-first – benefit auction, and once again to increase the amount of funds for those in need, which reached a total of CZK 13 542 000 this year,” said Bohuslav Cempírek, ICZ a.s. managing director. “In addition to support for charity work and generally beneficial goals such as assistance for those with disabilities and particularly children, the collected funds will also be directed towards developing culture, science and education.”