Appointment to IPMA Czech Republic Program Committee

This year, the head of Project Management Department of ICZ Group, Petr Oplátek, was appointed to the Program Committee of IPMA Czech Republic, which is a part of the supranational certification authority – IPMA. The committee consists of three members and is appointed for a three-year term.

The IPMA Program Committee has the following competencies:

  • Gives recommendations to the CR for development and maintenance of certification system.
  • Ensures exchange of  experience in the field of project management within the CR and at international level and sharing of examples from various professional areas. It pays attention to their comprehensibility and quality.
  • Works closely with IPMA delegate to monitor development at IPMA and further developments in project management at the international level. It presents international experience for discussion within the IPMA Certification Body.

ICZ has been cooperating with IPMA Czech Republic for a long time and has been a member of it for decades. IPMA methodologies are also an integral part of ICZ project management guidelines. At the end of June, ICZ project managers were part of the first IPMA 4.1 certification exam, which now also includes a simulation workshop. In addition to the workshop, the exam consists of a three-hour written exam and a personal interview. All ICZ candidates passed successfully.

We believe that these important events will continue to guarantee long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.