Another implementation of IS RUBÍN at CMH Ružomberok

In August, ICZ Slovakia officially put the IS RUBÍN solution into service at Central Military Hospital in Ružomberok.
The new Rubín information system has replaced the original information system in the transfusion ward, and covers the entire administration of the department, from the donor registry through the entire production process of transfusion products to their release. At the same time, IS RUBÍN has been extended with a Material Request Form module allowing material request forms for transfusion medication to be imported from an external information system at the hospital. The solution also includes securing the transfer of data on transfusion medications from the storehouse of the CMH transfusion department to the State Material Reserves depot, and full support for mobile call-outs to donors outside the transfusion department. The application has been integrated with third-party systems (the hospital IS Clinicom and IS Pharmacy).

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