ALES is carrying out the refurbishment of ATC Consoles for HungaroControl

Given that in the past we delivered a large number of different types of ATC consoles to HungaroControl and the customer was satisfied with the execution of work, both in terms of quality and speed of delivery (considering the scope), as evidenced by letters of satisfaction, we were in constant contact with them.

When we mentioned the possible modification of consoles, we devoted the whole year of 2019 to communication with HungaroControl employees and suggested possible technical solutions. Technically, it was a very demanding part, where we were looking for a match between what the customer wants and what is technically possible. HungaroControl is an important, however also very challenging customer, who promotes technically demanding solutions. However, this communication enriches us, makes us better technically and we are, of course, happy for such an opportunity.

After the announcement of the tender by HungaroControl for the modification of 42 consoles, we offered the best solution therefore HungaroControl approached us for the subsequent implementation, which we shall be performed this year. “We want to build on good cooperation in the future as well,” said Dušan Berko, Director of the Special Production and Services Department.