Active Participation of ICZ Group in University Fairs

During the autumn, our employees presented ICZ Group at three job fairs at universities in Prague, Brno and Žilina. The main goal was to address students with information about our strategy, products and focus and offer them opportunity to work with our company, whether in the form of a full-time job or an internship.

The first of the autumn fairs was an event called IT Trhovisko (IT Market), which took place on October 22 at the Faculty of Management and Informatics of the University in Žilina. The event was attended by a total of 14 IT companies, which prepared interesting activities, presentations and competitions for various prizes for the participants. On Monday, November 11, Day of Companies for Mathematics and Informatics took place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. The day offered an opportunity to communicate with students with focus on IT and introduced ICZ Group as an attractive and promising employer with something to offer to students and graduates.

The last trade fair for us last year was the 13th JobChallenge, which took place on November 20 at the Brno Exhibition Center. For the first time ever, ICZ Group presented itself at this big Job Trade Fair with rich history and under the auspices of three universities – Masaryk University, Mendel University and Brno University of Technology.

These fairs have significantly helped us to strengthen ICZ brand and its awareness among students and university graduates, for which we would like to thank all the employees who took part in the events. In the spring of this year, ICZ Group will once again present itself at several student fairs, namely the CHANCE Fair at the University of Economics in Prague and subsequently the iKariéra trade fair series in Prague, Brno and Pilsen.

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